Happy But Empty
Friday, April 12, 2013 10:32 AM

I'm glad that you and her are in good terms now. But if you have another friendship problem, please don't involve me in your conflict or fights. 

You are my friend but I wish i could spend some time with you. I have so many stories to tell you. I know you are trying your best to be her friend. I just want to hang out with you, tell you stories, tell you my problems, and spend time with you as friends. 

I know you guys just settle the conflict, but I wish she could just let you spend time with me just for a second, a minute or maybe a moment. Maybe we can be together during PJK, English period or at the koperasi. I just want to talk to you and share things with each other. That's all I wanted to do with you for just a moment. 

If you make different decisions, then I'll respect your decision because you are my BESTFRIEND FOREVER AND EVER!! <3