This Is Stupid!
Thursday, April 11, 2013 9:35 AM

Just do whatever you like! Warned me, hate me or ignored me, I don't care! Why would I care about someone who is childish, selfish, a fool with a bad attitude and narrow-minded. Since when have I ever stole anything from you. So, here's the thing, I've never steal anything or anyone from you. You have no right to give me a warning, you hear me!? No right!

I met her first doesn't mean that I can't meet her again. After all she is my bestfriend. What's your problem anyway! You don't even know who I really am. I actually needed someone like her as a friend and you thought I stole her from you? Oh, come on girl! 

At first, I thought we were good friends who can talk to each other, but I thought wrong. You weren't the friend that I expected at all. I was fine when I knew you hate me  but this!? This is too much!

I actually understand how you feel. I also felt that way with my friends in my class. I thought they stole everything from me but later I started to realize that I was the wrong one. They never stole anything from me. It was me who became far away from them. I was the one with a cold-heart. Then, I started to get along with them day by day and now here we are as friends. 

I learned it from a hard way and change myself from cold to warm. So if you could, change your attitude and be a better friend.