Saturday, May 4, 2013 8:19 AM

Ever feel happy? Of course! Who has never feel happy in their life until now? Well, I don't know 'cause the people around have always smile and laugh :D Even a fake smile count as a smile. But that's a different story. 

Even if you put on a smile on the outside, doesn't mean you are happy on the inside as well.. Don't always ask them why they are down 'cause sometimes people could get annoyed by your question. If they still won't let it out, then it means they have something that they themselves doesn't want you to know or maybe they have their own reasons. So don't push them to talk. :) 

When you are super happy, do you ever feel like want to explode over joyfulness??? Well... I've always felt that way.. Hehehe.. What about you, who is reading this? I think you felt this way too. Whenever I feel this way, I could just smile all day long! :D

Ever feel like wanting to cry over something or nothing at all? Are you're a type that likes to bottled things up, a sensitive one or maybe a type that likes to hide? Want to know my type? If you really want to.. Then here's the answer, I'm all three types. I like bottled things up, a sensitive friend and always hide.. Hehehe... But it's okay to be all three types. :)

Don't always get angry and enjoy life as it is. I'm living it now. :) Many happy things could happen if you enjoy a bit more.. :)