Friday, May 31, 2013

Things and such

I don't even know what to type about in here.. I did say that I would upload my drawings, right? Well, somehow the camera is low on batteries, my family always went out, I feel tired all day, and I don't know what to draw. My mind went straight blank. But when I close my eyes for just a few seconds and suddenly pops out an idea in my mind. That made me feel like want to draw straight away before it disappear.

But then again, my head started to hurt. As usual: Headache. Maybe it's because  I think too much or maybe because I didn't drink enough water. I paint my nails BLACK! :D And I love it!! :3

I've always hated it when people don't write better in English. They said it's Broken English. Yup. It's very broken. A LOT!! I know we have to learn better English but this is, this is HORRIBLE!! Somehow I myself can't understand what they are saying at all. But when I speak good in English, they were like, "What did she said?". Ugh!! Even when I make the sentence a bit more simpler for them to understand, they still don't understand. Well, some understands while others don't. 

If a female student speaks arrogantly in English, like she's the queen of the country. It really pissed me off! 

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