Not Being Notice By Anyone
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 11:23 AM

There are a few teachers absent today. They're probably still on a holiday. :) Two weeks of holiday was fun yet boring. Some days were fun while the rest were boring. I've drawn a lot of different cahracters too. 

Today, I draw two of my friends secretly. I draw them in my style of drawing. I always look at them but both of them didn't even notice it. I'll get busted if they found out. But even if they found out, they wouldn't get mad at me. Cause they're my friends. ^_^ After I finish drawing them, the drawing turn out alright! :) It's pretty. I want to show it but maybe next time. Cause here at my place, it's night time and already past my bedtime. 

I was surprised that no one notices me drawing stuffs. Everyone in my class have their own gossip group and I'm the only one left behind. I don't mind as long as no one bothers. Today I found out that I like boys with glasses cause every boy character that I draw are wearing glasses. I just realize it. Ahahaha! How silly of me. :3