Some Are Awful, But Some Are Not.
Monday, June 17, 2013 9:38 AM

Hello everyone! ^_^ Help me! I have a lot of concerns!!! So. I'm a type of girl who cares about relationship in family, friends and lovers. I don't have a boyfriend and my family is happily enjoying their lives, so I'm going to skip the 'family' and 'lovers' part. My biggest concerns are about FRIENDSHIPS!

I care about my friends, but somehow I feel like they didn't care about me. I mean the part where they asked me to look after their bags after inviting me to come with them. Now that's just....ohh!! It makes me angry and felt like wanting to shout at them but I control my temper. I mean seriously! Is this how friends treat their friends? I don't think so. Just seeing their faces has already made me on fire! 

At some point, I really hate them! I thought that they were my good friends but... They don't talk much with me, they're always together without me, laughing together, going to the canteen together and even if I follow them from behind, I always feel like I wasn't needed to be there with them. I wish they could read this and know how I felt about them treating me like this. But if they know what I write in here, they'll just gossip it away~