What I Like And Don't Like
Saturday, June 22, 2013 8:45 AM

You may think I'm a bit weird, but I'm not. It's just who I am. ^_^
I know everyone likes to stare at people and I like it too! Not because they are pretty or handsome or ugly. I just like staring that's all. 
I let things go but not always. 
I like being evil but I don't treat others awfully.
I like sitting alone in class. But sometimes I sit with my friends.
I like roses with different colors. 
I like to sit like a boy does.
I like being crazy sometimes.
I don't like talking about others behind their backs.
I like playing basketball.
I don't like doing nothing.
I don't like hot sunny days cause it BURNS!!
I like rainy days, cloudy days and windy days.
I like using an umbrella.
I like my fluffy hair.
I like looking outside the window.
I like talking to myself.
I like being serious.
I like being the opposite of others.
I don't like being girly.
I like being a nerd.
I'm a girl and I like it.