The Weirdest Dream!
Thursday, July 18, 2013 9:35 AM

Last night, I had the weirdest dream! The dream was so clear that I can name every single thing in that dream. 

It started when someone ask me to crack 2 two eggs into the bowl. I gave the bowl of eggs to my mom to fry it. Then, I went upstair to get my bagpack. So I went into a room where there were 3 boys sitting at the table talking science stuffs. Boy #1 looks like John Egbert, boy #2 has hair like Dave Strider but his hair was black and boy #3 looks kinda like Karkat Vantas cause he has the same hair like him. The three boys really resembles the characters in Homestuck. After that, I pull out a book from the bookshelf and the bookshelf suddenly collapse. Maybe it's because the bookshelf was really old. The boys looked at the bookshelf and didn't mind at all. Weird f(o.O). So, I went out at the back of the house and there I saw the same bookshelf, it's like it's the back of the bookshelf. Then, I heard a weird "eeeeee" sound from the bookshelf. It was something like a jellybean with sticker eyes and smile. It continuosly make the "eeeeeeeeeeee" sound until it's disappear. Suddenly, a girl appeared beside me. "It's gone! Where did it go!?", she said to me. And when I tried to answer her, my mom woke me up. And that's The End of a weird dream. (^_^)

It's super weird that I'm in my house but my house isn't a double-storey house though. Hahaha!! Oh well, it's still the BEST dream I ever had. I mean the SECOND Best dream. 
The FIRST Best dream was a lot awesome than this one. Heehehe.. I'll tell you about next time, okay? (^o^)/ Goodbye!!