Thursday, November 30, 2017 2:56 AM

On a rainy, a storm hits again. The land shook with only a few tiny hits of wrath that caused destruction to the land. Lightning struck the quiet land of even rocks and awoke the Thunder from its slumber. Everyone knows that lightning comes before thunder. However, in this story the thunder made the FIRST move. 

Lightning's overwhelming wrath hit Thunder with it's mighty powers. Thunder doesn't back down from such a small hit, so in return Thunder roared louder than ever before. Lightning was shocked and fought back. The fight between the two went on and on without stopping. The sea was watching from aside, couldn't take it anymore and charged in to put a stop to it. Thunder was furious.

After a lot of hits and clashes between the three, rain starts to poured in on Lightning. Lightning was going insane. Thunder's wrath was hard to control. The Sea have had enough of it. For the last time Lightning used all of it's powers to end the fight at once. 

Thunder and the Sea quietly went back to its place, leaving the worn out Lightning alone. 

Lightning was hurt. Lightning wanted to escape. Lightning wanted a sunny day...