Sunday, December 30, 2018

Mind stories

My mind is an amazing place
It holds all the great stories I made up at night
My story has no beginning, it has no ending.
Unlike any other stories, it moves aimlessly without a fix plot
It pops up phrases and creates various stories in my mind,
Night time is its happy hour that gives me a sleepless night.
Night by night it begs me to write them down in handwriting, desired to be told as an amazing story
It keeps on giving new ideas for its host to tell another new story
As nights goes by, its host is excited to get new ideas
Some of these stories made its host smile and even cry at some point
At times these stories continues with the same idea as yesterday
At times it ends after i fall asleep
Short stories or long stories, it all has its own connection with each other 
Linking short stories with long stories
Sometimes these stories can even become sketches in a white paper book
Each has its own colour and shape to express itself not through words but through beautifully drawn lines 
Showing an art with a hidden story ready to be told

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